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About Us

Based in the UK, Red Herring Computer Graphics was formed in 2006 by Mike Martin a graduate in mechanical engineering and multimedia.

The range of services includes 3D modelling,
animation, motion graphics and graphic design.

3D models are imported from CAD files or
created from sketches and engineering drawings
to produce realistic renders and animations.

In addition, there is an extensive library of royalty free, high quality 3D models, which are used
directly or incorporated into scenes to provide added detail and realism at little extra cost.


Virtual models and animations are combined with
real world footage to create visually accurate depictions of finished projects when still at the planning and prototype stages.

Time and money is saved by identifying
potential problems, in a virtual world, for a
tiny fraction of the overall project budget.

In addition to functionality, product aesthestics
can be explored at length and in great detail.
Once the model has been created, adjusting
colour schemes and texture maps is relatively straightforward to implement.

Mike has published two novels:
Both cover artworks were created by RHCG, and
the promotional videos can be viewed using
the link below:

YouTube Videos

Black & Decker's UK Design Centre employs
RHCG for new product visualisations.
Much of the work is restricted by confidentiality.

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Characters are created from customer sketches
and renders or by choosing from a library
of rigged and unrigged models.

Alternatively, rigged models are purchased, on
the customer's behalf, from internet suppliers;
the cost of which is passed on without mark up.



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